We aim to be clear in our pricing. What you see below is what you will pay. We may need to charge extra if the marquee is to be sited on a hard standing, or there are issues with access. We can discuss this with you on our FREE site visit.

Max Guests (guests seated/ standing)Actual Marquee SizeMarquee (the roof and walls)Linings (the ivory drapes)Wood Floor (functional wooden base flooring)Carpet (gives a touch of luxury)
90/1259m x 9m£390£170£200£240
120/1759m x 12m£485£215£260£240
150/2259m x 15m£580£260£320£320
180/2759m x 18m£675£305£380£400
210/3259m x 21m£770£350£440£480
240/3759m x 24m£865£395£500£480
270/4009m x 27m£960£440£560£560